Antonio Dias’ Versions of the Flag & The Discovery of Realities “The Counter-Public Sphere in the Condor Years” at ISLAA, New York, 2020

Walking in a Circle – a circular walk with common room and Sleeperhold Publications in Glandore, Co.Cork, December 2018 The Visual Artists’ News Sheet, Ireland, March 2019

Franz Mon spielt mit dem Wesentlichen Architekturführer Frankfurt 1970–1979, May 2018

Uma história das procissões organizadas por artistas no Brasil e no contexto internacional (1931-2017) PhD, Escola de Comunicações e Artes, Universidade de São Paulo, May 2018

Catalogue essay for A Tale of Two Worlds MMK Frankfurt am Main and MAMBA Buenos Aires, January 2018

An introduction to artist-organised processions in Brazil (1931-2016) published in nº 17 of BOA. Boletín de Arte, October 2017

When a fake smile meets a knight of justice published in 15th Istanbul Biennial story book: a good neighbour – Stories, September 2017

On digital documentation, the-circulation of images in social media and their reception published by SP-ARTE, São Paulo, April 2016

THE STREET by Tobias Kaspar in Cinecitta, Rome, March 2016 published by Tobias Kaspar

Décio Pignatari, Franz Mon, as publicações ROT e Futura, e algumas ligações da poesia concreta entre o Brasil e a Alemanha Catalogue text for the Décio Pignatari retrospective at Centro Cultural São Paulo, 2015
download a PDF of the catalogue for the 2015 CCSP exhibition on Decio Pignatari, curated by Maria Adelaide Pontes and Marcio Harum

Poema / Processo
How Brazil’s forgotten poetry movement fought a military dictatorship by combining politics, protest and the visual arts
published in ArtReview September 2015

Spanning a decade or more – slants in the work of f.marquespenteado feature published in Mousse 49, 2015

How objects from processions turn into anthropological artifacts, feature published in Terremoto, Mexico, issue 2, June 2015

The Arts and the Multitude feature on Teatro Oficina and Teatro de Vertigem, São Paulo, published in Flash Art #300, February 2015

Batalhão de Telegrafistas published in OEI #65, on Mail Art (2014)

Hudinilson Jr. feature published in Aperture Magazine 216, 2014

Periódico Permanente #4
(edited in collaboration with Iuri Perreira, 2013)

‘Bom dia Warsaw’, a text by Leandro Nerefuh and Tobi Maier originally conceived in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Amor e ódio a Lygia Clark / Love and hate to Lygia Clark’ at Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw (2013/2014)
published in Portuguese by Revista ARS# 25, Universidade de São Paulo, September 2015 http://www2.eca.usp.br/cap/ars25/v13n25a01.pdf

A cidade como constelação e a Eminência das pequenas escalas, text for livro de responder, Capacete, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013

Bienal as Constellation, Catalogue text 30. São Paulo Bienal, Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, 2012

Catalogue Text Waldemar Cordeiro and Franz Mon, Ludlow 38 New York, USA and Spector Books Leipzig, Germany, 2011

Notes on the work of Franz Mon published in OEI 53-54, 2011, p559-604, Stockholm, Sweden

Jarbas Lopes for Exit Express, May 2010

KRIWET for Exit Express, March 2010

Arto Lindsay, for Exit Express, February 2010

Gustav Metzger, Exit Express Madrid December/January 2009/2010

‘A history of Distant sounds (2008)’, in Zafos Xagoraris, Postmedia Books, Milan, Italy, 2009

Martin Flemming
but i still love the old world, Galerie Koal Berlin, Germany, 2009

Experimenta FOLKLORE, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2008/2009

Lucas Bambozzi Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral yearbook, Bad Ems, Germany, 2008

f.marquespenteado in Untitled, London, Summer 2008, page 1 f.marquespenteado in Untitled, London, Summer 2008, page 2

Manfred Pernice, Exit Express, Madrid, May 2008

Anna Ostoya, The Object and the Non-Objective World, Vrits, Basel, Switzerland, 2008

Within Living Memory 8th June 2006, published in Manon de Boer, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Witte de With Publishers, Revolver, 2008

Hugo Canoilas, Endless Killing, Huarte, Spain, 2008

tranzit: an institution without institution translocal- transgenerational- transdisciplinary, Untitled magazine, summer 2007

interview for Mercury in retrograde catalogue, de Appel Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2006

Christoph Keller, Cloudbuster, Again for Tomorrow, Royal College of Art, London, 2006

The new internationalism, East of Italy – a curator’s low budget travel report, FGA, 2005

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